Comparative Analysis on Chinese and English Vocabulary《英汉词汇对比分析》

The Influence of Family Education on Children’s Socialization《论家庭教育对儿童社会性发展的影响》

Pragmatic Analysis on the Approximating Quantities with Numbers《数词模糊语的语用分析》

On the Stimulation and Cultivation of Motivation《学习动机的激发与培养》

On Special Usage of English Prepositions英语介词的另类用法

On Fault Use of Words in Law English论法律英语里的用词失误

On Characteristics Usage of Medical English论医学英语的特点

Apparently True but Actually False and Opposite in English英文中的似是而非似非而是

On Compounds Constructions in English英语复合结构浅谈

Mergers and Acquisitions并购策略及对中国企业的启示 

On Translation of Passive Voice of English英语被动语态的译法初探

On Ways of Forms of English Customary Usage英语惯用语形成途径探讨

On Hyperbole in English and Chinese浅谈英汉中的正夸张和反夸张手法

About Usage of Letter “S” in English英语中的字母S的用法探讨

Usage and Translation of “and” 英文中的and 的用法与译法

About Characteristics of English in P.E体育英语的特色

Usage and Reason of Foreignism in Chinese汉语中外来词的使用 现状及原因

Strategies for Improving Middle School Students’ Reading Ability中学生阅读能力提高的策略

Kinds, Construction and Other Characteristics of English Color Words英汉色彩词的种类,结构与其它特点

Inter-translation of Humor of English and Chinese英汉的幽默互译

The Effect of Non-intellect and Factors in English Teaching非智力因素在英语教学中的影响

Introducing culture in secondary school English teaching在英语教学中,文化导入的重要性

Characteristics of American Slangs美国俚语特点初探

A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Polite Expressions英汉礼貌表达比较研究

Cultural Difference and Its Influence on Second Language Learning文化差异对第二语言学习的影响

Application of Non-verbal Communication in Language Teaching非语言交际手段在语言教学中的运用

Middle School English Teaching and Environment Establishment中学英语教学与环境设置

Problems of and Strategies for English Teaching through Multimedia Technology多媒体英语教学所面临的问题与对策

A Comparison of the Value of Love between Baoyu Daiyu and Jane Rochester宝黛爱情与简爱罗彻特爱情观之比较

Basic Problems of English Listening Training and the Effect on the Middle School Students


A Comparative Study of 通感and Synaesthesia英汉通感比较研究

Pragmatic Competence and Oral English Teaching语用能力的培养与英语口语教学

Analysis of the Factors upon SLA影响第二语言习得的因素分析

The Characteristics of English News and Its Translation英语新闻特征及其汉译

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sino-American Secondary School Education中美中学教育利弊分析

Reflection of Euphemism onto the Psychological Factors of Social Culture论英语委婉语在社会文化心理因素中的映射

The Significance of Context in Teaching Listening语境在听力教学中的意义

A Brief Study on Register and English Learning浅谈语域与英语学习

On the Aesthetic Value of Alliteration试论头韵的审美价值

A Contrastive Study on the Two Male Heroes of the Scarlet Letter《红字》中两个男主角的对比分析

Transfer of the Mother Tongue in Teaching English英语教学中母语的迁移作用

The Influence of American Culture on the Language of Its Movies美国文化对其电影的影响

A Probe into the New Words Emerging from English Movies英语电影中的新词探讨

Gender Differences in Speash言语中的性别差异

Effective Ways of Improving Preschool Children’s Spoken English浅谈儿童英语口语教学有效方法

On Dual Nature of Heathcliff’s Personality in Wuthering Heights《呼啸山庄》中希克厉性格的双重性分析

Comparison of the Use of Satirical between Swift and Luxun斯威夫特与鲁迅讽刺艺术之比较

On Improving Middle School Students’ English Reading Comprehension浅谈中学生英语阅读理解能力的培养 

Analysis of the Psychology of the Catcher in the Rye《麦田的守望者》人物的心理分析

The Application of Communicative Approach in Oral English Teaching交际法在英语口语教学中的运用

Techniques of Listening in English Learning试论英语学习中听力的技巧

Application of Multimedia Technology in Middle School English Teaching多媒体在中学英语教学中的应用

On Female Characters and Symbol Environment in the Return of the Native《还乡》中女性现象及其环境象征意义

On Male Hero in Sons and Lovers论《儿子与情人》中的男性形

On the Embodiment of Cultural Specifications of Western Cartoon Movies论西方卡通片所体现的文化特质

New Tendencies of Bush Second-Term Administration and its Foreign Policies toward Taiwan论布什政府新任期的对台政策

Perspectives of Sino-American Regional Cultural Differences through Western Development and Westward Movement 


Impact of Sino-American Family Education Patterns on Thinking Development 论中美家庭教育模式对儿童思维发展的影响

Advantages and Disadvantages of American Education System from American Juvenile Delinquency


Impact of Game Theory on the U.S. Economic Conductions 论“博奕论”对美国经济的影响

Theoretical Bases of U.S. Constitution and its Relevance to European Political Thoughts

On Social and Cultural Origins of Naturalism in the History of American Literature论美国文学中的自然主义产生的社会文化根源

Brief Analysis on Current Situation of American One-Mother Family当今美国单身母亲家庭现状浅析 

mpact of Globalization on Cross-Cultural Exchange论全球化对跨文化交流的影响

Impact of Roosevelt’s New Deal on American Economy During and After the Great Depression 

A Brief Analysis of the Characteristics of Political Slang in American

A Brief Analysis on the Philosophical Bases of Martin Luther King’s Human Rights浅析马丁 路德 金民权思想中的哲学基础


Religion's Significant Status in Modern American Society宗教在现代美国社会中的重要地位

The Application of Personification in Advertising广告英语中拟人的应用

Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Marriage中西婚姻文化差异

The Impact of China’s Entry into WTO on Its Household Appliance Industry and the Countermeasure


How to Set Up and Control the Distribution Channel in International Trade国际贸易中如何建立和控制营销渠道

Process and Strategies of Cross-cultural Negotiation 跨文化谈判的过程和技巧

Language Characteristics of English Business Contracts商务合同的语言特点

Development tactics of Chinese Retail Business after the WTO Accession中国零售业的发展策略

Influence of Cultural Differences on English Reading Comprehension文化差异对阅读理解的影响

The Influence of Cultural Differences on the Choice of the Visual Angle in Translation

Acquisition of Function words in English Learning浅谈英语学习中虚词的掌握

Words and Expressions Belittling the Female女性歧视化用词和表达法研究

Multi-cultural Conflicts and Combination in Cross-cultural Management跨文化管理中多元文化的融合和冲突

To Explore the Cultural Difference through Advertisement Originality从广告创意看中西文化观念的差异

Involuntary Escape     ---Life Experience of Female in “The Hours”

不自主的逃离     --“时时刻刻”中女性的生命体验

On the Abbreviations of Business English浅论商务英语的缩略语

On the Oriental Education Thoughts under the Influence of Western Culture西方文化对东方教育思维的影响


On the Differentiation Features of Marketing Mix in Different Markets论营销组合在不同市场的区别性特征

The Analysis of the Advertiser's Goal in English Advertisement 英语广告中广告人的目标分析            

On Pragmatic Functions of Fuzzy Language in Business English模糊语言在商务英语中的语用功能

On the People-Oriented Business Culture and Management Model以人为本的企业文化与管理模式

On the Motivation of Male Students' Interests of English Learning论男生的英语学习兴趣的激发

Strategies for removing the obstacles in college English Listening大学生英语听力常见障碍应付策略